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Electric fencing

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About electric fencing & electric fences

Introduction to electric fencing

Almost all premises nowadays are likely to have existing security fencing, intruder alarms and perhaps even CCTV Systems. Whilst these all have their place and function in the security industry, they are unable to actively prevent unauthorised trespassers gaining entry to your premises, as they can only react to the fact that an intrusion has occurred - you need electric fencing.

An intelligent electric fence can be viewed as a first line of defence and is an extremely effective deterrent; it creates both a physical and psychological barrier, giving the impression that the operators of site do not regard security as a trivial issue. This has the effect of motivating all but the most determined intruders to move on to an unprotected site. Electric fencing is the ideal security solution for keeping your premesis secure.

An electric fence is designed to suit site-specific requirements, and can be installed on wall top, fence top or fitted onto an existing wire mesh or steel palisade fence.

The height, the number of wires, the distance between the wires and the number of zones are just some of the configurable attributes, making the electric fence Photo of electric fencingone of the most versatile security systems and ensuring that there is a tailored solution for every site.

The electric fence consists of a number of wires, tensioned to 25 kg, alternating between live and earth, with an 8000 volt high energy pulse being sent through the live wires every 1.3 seconds with a pulse length of 130 milliseconds.

Human contact with the live wire is non-lethal and will deliver a short, sharp electric shock, making it virtually impossible for an intruder to scale the electric fencing.

If any attempt is made to cut or to short circuit a wire, an audible or silent alarm signal will be transmitted to a number of mobile phones, a guard house or a monitoring station.

The electric fencing can be integrated with existing CCTV Systems which in turn can be programmed to rotate and zoom-in to view the exact point of activation.

Who uses an electric fence?

Industrial complexes, storage yards, transport depots, water, power and gas utilities, factories, warehouses, military installations, government facilities, private houses and farms are all potential end-users.

Photo of an electric fence

Where do you install an electric fence?

On an existing perimeter fence, on top of walls, or as a stand-alone fence.

Electric fencing advantages

There are seveal reasons why installing an electric fence from Securelec could be a good idea for your business, including:

About Securelec electric fencing

All components used for the construction of our electric fencing solutions fully comply with all National and International Standards including BSEN 60335 and BS 4737.

All metal uprights are either hot dipped galvanised or powder coated to match customers colour requirements.

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